HIV Vaccines

An AIDS vaccine does not yet exist, but efforts to develop a vaccine against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, have been underway for many years. An HIV vaccine could be effective in either of two ways. A preventive vaccine would stop HIV infection occurring altogether, whereas a therapeutic vaccine would not stop infection, but would prevent or delay illness in people who do become infected, and might also reduce the risk of them transmitting the virus to other people. Although a preventive vaccine would be ideal, therapeutic vaccines would also be highly beneficial. The basic idea behind all HIV vaccines is to encourage the human immune system to fight HIV. 

  • HIV vaccine strategies
  • T cell-based vaccines
  • B cell-based vaccines
  • Innate & mucosal immunity
  • Viral vaccine vectors
  • Preventive HIV vaccines
  • Innovations in HIV vaccine discovery
  • Emerging clinical trials
  • Challenges on AIDS vaccines development

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